Rocket Man Slot Machine

The gaming world is changing each day and new games are being developed and launched. The rocket man slot machine is a new experience that has been brought forth by the International Game Technology. The IGT has made its name as a leader in the online gaming sites and casinos all over the world by providing premium gaming and gambling experiences.

There exist thousands of regular players around the world as compared to the high rollers who are countable. This is because not many players are willing to risk huge chunks of their money as wagers. With slot machines, they get the best experience since there is no strategy but pure luck in winning the slot. One of the best slots is the rocket man since it allows for low denomination wagers hence every player can enjoy it.

The rocket man slot machine game has five reels and it is based on a super hero fantasy theme which has been very popular among players over the years. It has a Multi Way extra feature that gives almost 99 ways to win. This happens to be one of the slots that IGT has created to give the players the best advantage possible in their gaming experience. You can place up to 1650 casino credits in this game with the highest credit offered being 2000 credits.

Just like any other IGT gaming slot machine, the rocket man slot includes several path breaking bonuses for the players. They help the players to have several wins from a single win. The most common is the tumbling reels which feature in this game as well.

The player plays to get a winning combination on the reel after which a payout is given. The symbols that were on the winning reel are dropped and others appear. This generally means that the player gets an opportunity to hit out several winning combinations even after they receive the first payout. This goes on until there is no more winning combination.

The wager amount that the player sets remains constant during the play but the credits keep accumulating after each payout. The fact that the tumbling reels heightens player’s anticipation and excitement has made it the most successful slot ever to be developed by the IGT.

The most fascinating feature of the rocket man slot is the multi layer display also known as MLD technology as it gives the players an environment similar to that of a 3D and it enhances the gaming experience.

The game incorporates the connected lines feature where the players can see every possible combination of the symbols that appear on the reels. The player can therefore easily predict the combinations in which the payout will be offered.

The combinations of animations in rocket man gives a straight forward design to the players with eye catching colors to sum it up. The dominant colors are orange, blue and white. It has been easily laid out and it comes with simple and clear instructions with symbols developed to resemble life like images to offer a fantastic thematic experience.

Some of the unique symbols in the game include the scared woman, rocket man, and bag of diamonds, gold bars and a villain hat. The game has a wild that is depicted by a symbol with a bright yellow color which can be used by players to enhance the wins as it can be used to make a winning combination by acting as a substitute for the other regular symbols in the game.

Sex and the city slots machine

The gaming world has been evolving each day with new games being created and launched each day. Most of the games tend to reflect what happen in real life. The sex and the city game is a slot machine that has been developed by International Game Technology (IGT) and it is based on the famed television films and series that used to run on similar name. This slot game and other series and movie based slots are loved by most slot player. This is because they resurrect the feeling the players had with the motion pictures as they engage with the slots since the slots incorporate the characters and the events of the movies and series fully.

IGT has identified itself as the leading slot machine and gaming products developers all over the world. The company has had a grip with its customers due to their unending creativity and innovation that delivers premium gambling and gaming experiences. The company powers numerous casino sites which have been aided by the adoption of highly advanced technology. You can play the sex and the city game in most land based casinos that offer IGT products.

With the realization that the game is more popular with ladies, the design has been developed with the appropriate features and desirable colors with candy pink as the main theme color. The logo of the game is the most appealing as it appears in shimmering diamonds with a contrast of a city’s skyline as the background.

The game has five reels and all players are given 35 pay lines where they can place their real money wagers. For players with shallow bankrolls, there is a 1 cent basic coin used by regular players. You will get more than six bonus slots as you play the sex and the city slot and an addition five progressive jackpots.

If you would like to play more than one game at a time, the slots offer a multi play feature that you can use. The game revolves around the four common characters in the series – Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda with the bonus rounds in the game sticking to a particular character.

For first time player, IGT has taken care of everything by designing easy to use slot machines. Each button is clearly marked and displayed and you can never miss it. You can easily learn to play the game and learn the rules, pay table, bonus rounds and symbols through the hassle free gaming experience.

What differentiates one slot machine from another is the animations it has making them one of the most important features. The sex and the city gaming slot has brought together some of the best graphics and audios paying tribute to the actual series.

Players can choose to play a single or all the four base games though the symbols remain the same. Some of the symbols include: Samantha, Carrie, charlotte, Miranda, dress, diamond ring, cosmopolitan, purple heels, Mr. Big, handbag and the limousine.  The pink heart bonus is the magical symbol that triggers the bonus wheel, this however, happens when a minimum of three symbols come up on the reels.

The new tumbling reels have been incorporated in this slot game as well. When a winning combination has been hit, the symbols that formed it disappear and those above them tumble down to take their places and if they form a winning combination as well the process will go on and on. This makes it easy t win several payouts in a single wager or spin.

There are numerous bonuses that go to up to nine rounds after spinning the wheel that chooses bonuses. The simply fabulous bonus displays a video of charlotte showing her engagement ring. The player selects a ring box which reveals a digit and the process goes on for three times and finally a number of the credits won are revealed. There are other numerous bonuses like the Hello love and the perfect gift bonus and at the end of each round all the earning are added up to the win total and finally the normal slot game continues.

Twilight Zone Slots

The world renowned produce of slots games, IGT, has continuously been making their presence in the field felt by the introduction of amazing games in the brick and mortar casinos. One of the new entrants in the slots gaming industry is Twilight Zone Slots. This is a 3D slots game which is a progressive slot inspired by The Twilight Zone hit franchise by Rod Serling. This is a game that includes mega Jackpots and Multi-play baits from IGT which make the game very unique. This is not to mention the thrill and suspense it adopts from the franchise that goes a long way in keeping the player guessing whether they hit a bonus and if they did how much the bonus will be worth. It also incorporates the traditional elements of a slot game with scattering of new features and this serves as the link between the traditional slot games and the modern slots.

The game is renowned for its beautiful gaming machine that has the Twilight Zone logo on the top and a twirling orb-like thing featured in the bonus wheel cabinet. This is one of the games that offer the player 3 dimensions to play in and thus the 3Din the name. Rod appears as a symbol in the game along with a lady, space ship, clock, green dinosaur, eye, floating window, bonus zone orb and other deformed monsters. It also has a neat feature which is the sci-fi stuff performed by some unique features that fall on the reels. The game also has the familiar music of the franchise playing in the background along with the catchphrase from Rod. All these features give the game an overall look that gives the player a feeling of actual presence in the Twilight Zone and the player can easily play with the characters securing great wins and bonuses.

Twilight Zone Slots comes with 5 reels and 15 pay lines which are evenly spread across the reels. It has the betting options that support multi-bets. This is a unique feature that allows the players to bet in more than one pay line thus increasing their winning chances. The maximum amount of money that a player can wager in the game is 125 credits with the minimum amount being a single penny. This is a huge range that opens up the game to all types of players. Players with low bank rolls have the opportunity to participate in this game and this is a huge advantage to those who aren’t ready to risk huge amounts of cash in the casinos.

Having the multi-play mode activated in the game means that the player cannot bet on the pay lines. The player has his waging options increased by up to ten times giving him a total of 243 winning ways. This is a system that has brought IGT great success as it not only gives the players the option to win big with every round played at the casino but also ensured that they will never be bored by any of the games. Games with few pay lines are bound to get the player bored and this is what IGT has worked on to give the players all the fun that they deserve.

Twilight Zone Slots offers the player two bonus rounds. The first round is the Future Photo Bonus round. The round is activated by the landing of three camera symbols on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels in the game. It is inspired by the TV episode which has the camera taking future pictures. When the player touches the screen, the prediction is brought to life and the player can win 25 to 500 casino credits. The win is then multiplied by the line bet.

The second bonus is known as the Bonus Zone. This is a round that starts when a Bonus Zone orb lands at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels as the game is being played. The player then chooses any symbol and gets free spins in the bonus wheel. The player can also get the chance to play more games in this round.

Van Helsing Slots

IGT has for the last four decades proved to be the world leading producer of online slots games. This is a company that boasts of the production of leading games such as Van Helsing Slots which have been embraced by online casino players all over the world. This is among the few slot games that have garnered acclaim for the unique and outstanding animations and gaming features. For slots players who find great fun in exploring supernatural themes in gaming, this is the game to go for as it is loaded with sheer delight. More to this, the game can be played in land-based casinos powered by IGT as well as in online casinos.

Van Helsing Slots is mainly based on the famous Abraham Van Helsing. This is a character known to hunt and kill Dracula and this is well featured in the game. The games theme and basic premises have perfectly been executed making the game achieve the thrill that will keep any player glued to their screens. Being a part of the Colossal Reels, players from every corner of the world have flocked to the slot to enjoy the game’s brilliantly fixed graphics as well as the overwhelming bonus rounds.

The game has five reels which come with vibrant symbols’ display. More to this, it has pay lines that make it possible for players playing for real money to wager their amounts. The game’s pay lines are unique as they allow the player to place their bets in different denominations and at different ranges. The slots will offer almost 100 pay lines where the players can place their wagers and win significantly huge amounts of cash. The huge number of pay lines is crucial in the game as it not only helps the players to place numerous wagers but also increases their chances of winning.

Van Helsing Slots incorporates interesting themes that captivate the players with the animations and great audios. The images and colors used in the game ensure that the player is getting a premium gaming experience. This is mainly aimed at keeping the player entertained while still ensuring that they are not distracted for the game. The concentration that is much needed in the game for the play to secure a win is thus maintained ensuring that the player manages the maximum possible wins in the game. The game also has playing instructions that come in handy for new players. These may also be essential for players who have played other games y IGT but haven’t tried this one as it has some unique features that can only be understood through the guide.

Van Helsing Slots just like othe slot games has some unique symbols which are very important in t he game. These symbols include Blond Damsel, Two Ravens, Castle, Van Helsing, Count Dracula, Red Haired Lady and Vial of Perfume. The game also includes the suite of cards which have been used as symbols which are Blue Spade, Pink Diamond, Red heart and Purple Club. When the regular reels in the game spin, te Colossal reels also spin. The Logo of Van Helsing is the special symbol in the game and it acts as the wild symbol. When a specific number of the wild symbols appear of=n the regular reels, they trigger the bonus feature in the game. Sometimes, this symbol will appear stuck in the reels.

The game offers multiple chances for the player to win huge amounts of cash in the game. The mo0st unique way of winning in the game is the bonus rounds which offer the players an opportunity to make free spins. This will be determined by the number of wild symbols the player manages to use in triggering the bonus feature.

The Top 6 Gambling Sites in the UK

Gambling and betting in the UK are a popular pastime for many. Not only does it guarantee fun and excitement, but if lady luck is on your side, then you’ll also end up making a decent sum of money. However, there are multiple gambling sites in the UK, and it becomes a bit difficult for a novice to select the site that they can wager their money with.

Here are six of the top gambling sites in the UK that you can place your bets with.


Coral has made great strides in improving the gaming experience. The website has been totally revamped and the design really catches the eye. What’s more is that, you can get to the gaming zone without much hassle unlike the other websites out there. What makes Coral stand out from the crowd is an array of betting offers and cash back programs for almost any games such as golf, football, F1, horse racing and rugby. The gamblers truly enjoy the experience and with the mobile platform in place, Coral is set to wow the gambling fraternity in the days to come.


This gaming website comes a close second. They keep on attracting new gamblers due to their huge joining bonuses and promotional offers. The offers are extravagant. Some features such as money-back guarantee, in case a football game ends in a draw are to watch out for. The company also extends a free bet to its gamblers if one wins the race at 4/1 odds. Live streaming gambling is another unique feature of this online gambling site. The minimum bet requirement is one of the lowest compared to a plethora of other online gambling websites.


This online gambling website is famous for its promotional bets. For a new gambler, the company provides £25 matched bet on the first deposit. Betfred is popular for surprise deals to its gamblers. This site also happens to be the first one to offer goals galore- a new betting concept, which is based on the premises that both sides will score. It is one of the most popular betting tools these days. Apart from the game offering, Betfred is very easy to get on with. The signing up process is extremely simple and you can get started within seconds of your first payment. What more could you ask for?

#4-Sky Bet

Sky Bet has the guts to offer gambling option without any deposit. Although it was stopped after a while, it deserves recognition. Sky Bet offers free betting in football of up to £5. It offers a similar offer for online casino as well. What’s great about this website is that it is very clean. Options are easily understood, and there is a free flowing direction in everything. Compatible with mobile and tablets, Sky Bet has also launched an iPhone app for its gamblers. This website is definitely not slowing down anytime soon.


BetVictor has been very popular in the past few years. This is primarily because of providing competitive odds. This website has consistently provided the best average odds for the past two seasons.

On signing up the website will give you a £25 free of cost matched bet. Even cash back offers are plenty in this website. This gambling site is also famous for the special treatment that it offers its active and loyal gamblers-free passes to events, special bonus and a personal manager are what the company offers to its active punters.

BetVictor is sleekly built and pretty comfortable to the eye, unlike other flash based gambling websites out there.


This is a new kid on the block and garnering a lot of interest among the gambling and betting community. This is one of the very few websites to extend loyalty program to its gamblers. The reward points are given based on withdrawals, deposits and even for logging on to the website.

This newly launched mobile website will surely attract more gamblers to this new gambling website. A newbie is eligible for a £25 worth of bonus too. The website design is pretty neat and this website is surely the underdog in this list.

8 Top Poker Tips to Improve your Poker Skills

Poker isn’t just a game of chance. It takes years of practice and a lot of playing hours under your belt to win tons of money that you are dreaming of. Like every other skill, developing poker skills too need dedication. That being said, there are certain practices which when employed well, fetches good result to a poker player. Some of them are mentioned below.

#1-Playing Too Many Hands

Often beginners make the mistake of getting too excited and end up playing too many hands. Poker is exciting but at the same time playing more hands only means that you are increasing your chances to lose as well.

#2-Don’t Consume Alcohol

Getting drunk before coming to a poker table is a crazy thing to do. You will be in trouble immediately and only regret later. Refrain from any alcohol during playing poker. It not only disturbs your concentration, but your ability to think logically also reduces drastically. Just say a firm NO to the free drinks offered at a poker table.

#3-Think Before Bluffing

Again this is a fun part of poker. Poker bluffing can be fun, but it works only with certain set of players and in certain situations. There is no point bluffing to a player who calls showdown in every hand. It therefore, makes sense to avoid bluffing and playing safe instead.

#4-Get Out Before You Lose Everything

Often beginners think that just because they have put way too much into the pot, they have to keep on playing until the end. This is a false perception. If you know that your hand is not good enough and it is unlikely to improve, get out before the pot odds are called. There is no point sitting and wasting money and hoping that a miracle will happen.

#5-Always Keep Emotions in Check

Don’t sit on a poker table, if you are not in the right frame of mind. Emotion is a worst enemy of logic and reason. If you think that your emotion is getting the better of you and forcing you to think irrationally, it is advised that you leave the table as fast as you can. Poker can make you rich and poor at the same time. So, be cautious.

#6-Choose the Right Table

It is strongly advised that you choose the right table before starting the game. There is no point sitting with professionals, if you are a beginner. Choose a table whose limit is set to a lower value. This will ensure that you play with players who fall in your league and you have a good chance of winning the bet.

#7-Concentrate on the Table

If you are starting off, your prime attention should be to play your cards well and remember the rules. When you are comfortable doing that, you need to ensure that you keep an eye on the table as well. Get the hang of the table and try to figure out what’s happening around and what is likely to happen. While this takes time, with practice and patience you should be able to do this with ease.

#8-Measure your Opponents

It is as important to gauge the table as it is to gauge your opponents as well. Try and find out the weaknesses of your opponents. This is strictly a mind game and you will get better with experience. For example, if you realise that a player is consistently raising on a certain situation or an opponent is folding on a re-raise, you can figure out a strategy to win the pot. It is therefore, necessary to concentrate hard on the opponents.

A Beginner’s Guide to Baccarat

Baccarat is an easy to play card game that is widely played in land-based casinos and online casinos. The game is purely based on luck and is a game with favourable odds. It is a game played against the bank where there are two players – you and the bank. It is apt for first-time casino players since it has simple rules and is easy to comprehend. Also, the winning chances are high if you are lucky, making the game even more interesting!

How to Play Baccarat

The game has originated in France and is quite popular in European Casinos even today. You need to focus on the odds and stay away from bets with bad odds in order to play well in the game. There isn’t much strategy involved in the game, which makes it easier for new learners.

In each round, two hands are dealt no matter how many players are involved. One hand is of the bank and the other is of the player. The player’s hand is referred to as punto and the bank’s hand is called banco. You can bet on either of the hands and you will have three betting options.

Punto: The punto hand wins, which is a good betting option.

Banco: Banco hand wins, which is a better betting option, but you may have to pay the bank a commission.

Egalite: A draw, which makes your bet useless as neither wins.

As long as you stay away from Egalite, you are good to go. It is like flipping a coin to decide between banco and punto.

Rules of the Game

Six to eight decks are used to play the game. The objective of the game is to bet on the hand that is closest or totals to nine. Before the cards are dealt, players use chips to bet on the hand that they think will be closest to nine. Betting limits are posted on the table, which must be followed in each round of the game. Everyone only bets on the outcome of the cards. You can bet on punto, banco or tie.


Many words used while playing baccarat are French, Spanish or Italian.

Action: This refers to the amount of total money that is bet by the player while playing a session.

Banco: This Spanish word means banker. In the game of Baccarat, the banker is the dealer.

Bankroll: The amount of money that a player intends to bet in a game is called a bankroll.

Burn Card: This is the card that the dealer removes after every shuffle and places in the discard tray.

Chemin de Fer: Since Baccarat originated in France, this is the French name for exotic Baccarat.

Coup: Round of play in Baccarat.

Deal: This is the first step of the game where the dealer will distribute cards for the player and banker.

Edge: The statistical advantage of the house as against the players. It is usually expressed in percentage.

Flat Bet: When the player plays the exact bet again and again without any variance, it is known as flat betting.

Mini-Baccarat: The American version of Baccarat, where a smaller table is used and is normally like a Blackjack table size.

Palette: This is the tool that is used by dealers to move cards on the table.

Punto: Derived from Spanish and Italian languages, this word meaning point refers to the player in the game.

Shoe: Shoe is a device made of wood that usually carries eight decks of cards.

Standoff: This refers to a tie occurred in the game.

Upcard: This term means that a card is dealt with its face up.

Baccarat is surely a simple, easy and fun game to learn and play. If you want to try your luck at first before you hit the casino, you can play online games on various casino websites that provide a casino-like look and feel. Once you get the hang of Baccarat and understand the rules completely, you will become a pro and will shine when you go and play in land-based casinos.

The rules of this game are quite simple, which makes it even more exciting and interesting to play.

What are satellite tournaments?

What are satellite tournaments? This is a very common question asked by people who doesn’t have any idea about satellite tournaments. Actually, satellite tournaments are minor events or tournaments in the competitive sport tour or a certain group of tournaments which have a series of forms that are typically played in other regions or countries. There are several games or sports that are in these tournaments. Satellite tournaments really get the interest of most athletes and other people who always watch sport competitions. Aside from that, these tournaments offer excitement and impressive competition that anybody will surely love.

One of the games that are usually involved in satellite tournaments is Poker. This game is a qualifying event in these tournaments. The winners in the satellite tournaments who played poker often win a buy-in fee to a prestigious and larger tournament just like in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Even though there are several land-based of satellite tournaments, most of these are made online. The land-based satellite tournaments are often used in a very high strake tournament. PokerStars is one of the websites that own lots of tiers of satellites.

In this website, the player must begin playing in one tier. One tier is not the lowest score but this is just the starting point of the game. The player must play the game continuously until he or she gets the highest tier. The entry fee in every higher tier is often having a more expensive rate as compared to the low tier. The very first tier that is offered here is the cheapest one.

Another example of the sports played in satellite tournaments is Tennis. In the professional tennis competitions, the satellite tournaments are being played within four weeks. Actually, this is being organized by the country’s national tennis association. The International Tennis Federation is the group that will manage it. In satellite tournaments, tennis is being played by players who are in the outside level of the top few hundred by the ATP or Association of Tennis Professionals. They have the openings for players who are unranked in the succeeding draw. The overall rate of money in this kind of tournament usually starts from $25,000 up to $50,000.

The tennis players who win in this game will automatically proceed to the ATP Challenger Series or to the top flight ATP tournament events. The people in who also manage satellite tournaments will also be given with a discount in 2006 season due to the circuit move in the Future Tournaments that last for one week.

With this information, you gain lots of ideas about satellite tournament. The presence of satellite tournament really makes the game interesting and the prices they give to the players can give additional opportunity in playing higher level of game. This is the main reason why most athletes are doing their best in order to get involved in these tournaments. Most winners in a certain game in satellite tournaments gain lots of awards and they also get more popular in their chosen field.


What Is Roulette?

What is Roulette? Well, this is one of the popular casino games in today’s world. This game was initially played in the county of France during the 17th century. Due to the exciting and great gaming experience it provides to players, this game has been declared as one of the most popular casino games in Monaco, Monte Carlo and Europe.

In this game, the players should choose a place or a single or range of number. Aside from that, they should also choose in two color options which are black and red. When it comes to the number, they will just choose between even or odd numbers. In order for you to analyze the winning color and number, the croupier will spin the wheel in a certain direction. After that, they will spin the ball which is opposed to the direction of the croupier. This only means that the ball will roll around the wheel. The ball will only lose its energy when it falls into the wheel and not in the American roulette (38) or European/French roulette (37) and in other pockets of the wheel.

The pockets in roulette are being numbered from 1-36. The number series 1 to 10 and 19 to 28 are odd numbers. These are usually placed in the red pocket but in some wheels these numbers are placed in the black pocket. The numbers 11 to 18 and 29 to 30 are typically placed in the black pocket. The color green pocket means zero. In the America roulette, the second green pocket has a marker of “00”. The pocket number in the wheels of roulette holds fast in a clockwise sequence to most casinos.

The roulette table layout is usually covered with a cloth. This cloth around the betting area is the layout. This layout can be zero, double zero or single. In the European style layout, it comes in single zero while in the American style is often displayed as a double zero. The style of the table in the American roulette comes with a wheel in one end and it is being used on popular casinos in different countries. In French roulette, the table used here has a wheel in the center part of it. The layout that it has can be in the sides. This type of table is usually seen in Monte Carlo.

In the house advantage in roulette, the single zero roulette table has 2.7 percent while in double, it has 5.26 percent. The house advantage can only be gained when the winner pays 1, 2 or more chips. At first, this game is difficult to understand but when you play it regularly, you will learn lots of things about it. You will learn how to play it properly and the other terms that are typically used by roulette players. So try to play this type of casino game and you will surely have a great and memorable experience especially when you win. But, ensure that you have lots of money in your pocket because most roulette players spend a big amount of money for it.

What Is Blackjack

Blackjack is usually called as “twenty-one” and it is mostly played by most people in various casinos around the world. This game concentrates in comparing the card game that is done by the dealer and player. This means that the players will compete with the dealer and not with other players. Blackjack is being played in one or more decks for 52 cards. The main objective in this type of casino game is to beat the dealer. There are many ways on how you can beat the dealer and these are:

  • Let the dealer draw some additives card until he or she gains 21 cards.
  • You must achieve 21 points in the first two cards that you have. This is the time that your move is called “Blackjack”. However, you must assure first that you dealer doesn’t have that kind of move.
  • Try having the high score compared to the score of the dealer with not more than 21 points.

The players in this game will start playing with initial two cards and this will be added together with the value of their cards. The face cards are the Jacks, Queens, and Kings that usually have 10 points. The dealer and player must count the ace that they get so that they can determine the number of points that will be added on them. The entire cards are counted based on the numeric value they have. When you receive the initial two cards, you must immediately have two options on how to get the word “hit” and not attaining additional cards.

While the first round, the dealer or player must win through gaining a score of not higher or lower than 21. Having a score that is higher to 21 is called “going bust” or “busting”. In this case, if you are a player and you gain a score higher than the dealer, the game will be immediately declared as “bust”. With this result, it automatically calls you as the winner. In addition to, if you have an ace that has a value of 11, this is called “soft”. This only means that you cannot go to bust through taking extra cards. This is the time that you are in a “hard” hand.

The dealer must take his hits until his or her cards gained 17 points or more. There are times that in some casinos, a dealer can hit a soft 17 score rate. The player can only win when he or she didn’t bust and have a high score against the dealer. When the dealer do a bust or have a lesser hand, he will immediately lose the game. Obtaining similar score is very rare in this game. However, there are times it happens for both the dealer and player. When both of them gained a similar range of score, this will called as “push” which means, both of them didn’t lose and won in the game.

If you are still curious about this game, try to watch those people who play in the television or in the casino games so that you will be able to understand the process of playing this game. Or, you can also ask some casino players who have lots of ideas in playing this game.

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