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Twilight Zone Slots

The world renowned produce of slots games, IGT, has continuously been making their presence in the field felt by the introduction of amazing games in the brick and mortar casinos. One of the new entrants in the slots gaming industry is Twilight Zone Slots. This is a 3D slots game which is a progressive slot inspired by The Twilight Zone hit franchise by Rod Serling. This is a game that includes mega Jackpots and Multi-play baits from IGT which make the game very unique. This is not to mention the thrill and suspense it adopts from the franchise that goes a long way in keeping the player guessing whether they hit a bonus and if they did how much the bonus will be worth. It also incorporates the traditional elements of a slot game with scattering of new features and this serves as the link between the traditional slot games and the modern slots.

The game is renowned for its beautiful gaming machine that has the Twilight Zone logo on the top and a twirling orb-like thing featured in the bonus wheel cabinet. This is one of the games that offer the player 3 dimensions to play in and thus the 3Din the name. Rod appears as a symbol in the game along with a lady, space ship, clock, green dinosaur, eye, floating window, bonus zone orb and other deformed monsters. It also has a neat feature which is the sci-fi stuff performed by some unique features that fall on the reels. The game also has the familiar music of the franchise playing in the background along with the catchphrase from Rod. All these features give the game an overall look that gives the player a feeling of actual presence in the Twilight Zone and the player can easily play with the characters securing great wins and bonuses.

Twilight Zone Slots comes with 5 reels and 15 pay lines which are evenly spread across the reels. It has the betting options that support multi-bets. This is a unique feature that allows the players to bet in more than one pay line thus increasing their winning chances. The maximum amount of money that a player can wager in the game is 125 credits with the minimum amount being a single penny. This is a huge range that opens up the game to all types of players. Players with low bank rolls have the opportunity to participate in this game and this is a huge advantage to those who aren’t ready to risk huge amounts of cash in the casinos.

Having the multi-play mode activated in the game means that the player cannot bet on the pay lines. The player has his waging options increased by up to ten times giving him a total of 243 winning ways. This is a system that has brought IGT great success as it not only gives the players the option to win big with every round played at the casino but also ensured that they will never be bored by any of the games. Games with few pay lines are bound to get the player bored and this is what IGT has worked on to give the players all the fun that they deserve.

Twilight Zone Slots offers the player two bonus rounds. The first round is the Future Photo Bonus round. The round is activated by the landing of three camera symbols on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels in the game. It is inspired by the TV episode which has the camera taking future pictures. When the player touches the screen, the prediction is brought to life and the player can win 25 to 500 casino credits. The win is then multiplied by the line bet.

The second bonus is known as the Bonus Zone. This is a round that starts when a Bonus Zone orb lands at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels as the game is being played. The player then chooses any symbol and gets free spins in the bonus wheel. The player can also get the chance to play more games in this round.