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Rocket Man Slot Machine

The gaming world is changing each day and new games are being developed and launched. The rocket man slot machine is a new experience that has been brought forth by the International Game Technology. The IGT has made its name as a leader in the online gaming sites and casinos all over the world by providing premium gaming and gambling experiences.

There exist thousands of regular players around the world as compared to the high rollers who are countable. This is because not many players are willing to risk huge chunks of their money as wagers. With slot machines, they get the best experience since there is no strategy but pure luck in winning the slot. One of the best slots is the rocket man since it allows for low denomination wagers hence every player can enjoy it.

The rocket man slot machine game has five reels and it is based on a super hero fantasy theme which has been very popular among players over the years. It has a Multi Way extra feature that gives almost 99 ways to win. This happens to be one of the slots that IGT has created to give the players the best advantage possible in their gaming experience. You can place up to 1650 casino credits in this game with the highest credit offered being 2000 credits.

Just like any other IGT gaming slot machine, the rocket man slot includes several path breaking bonuses for the players. They help the players to have several wins from a single win. The most common is the tumbling reels which feature in this game as well.

The player plays to get a winning combination on the reel after which a payout is given. The symbols that were on the winning reel are dropped and others appear. This generally means that the player gets an opportunity to hit out several winning combinations even after they receive the first payout. This goes on until there is no more winning combination.

The wager amount that the player sets remains constant during the play but the credits keep accumulating after each payout. The fact that the tumbling reels heightens player’s anticipation and excitement has made it the most successful slot ever to be developed by the IGT.

The most fascinating feature of the rocket man slot is the multi layer display also known as MLD technology as it gives the players an environment similar to that of a 3D and it enhances the gaming experience.

The game incorporates the connected lines feature where the players can see every possible combination of the symbols that appear on the reels. The player can therefore easily predict the combinations in which the payout will be offered.

The combinations of animations in rocket man gives a straight forward design to the players with eye catching colors to sum it up. The dominant colors are orange, blue and white. It has been easily laid out and it comes with simple and clear instructions with symbols developed to resemble life like images to offer a fantastic thematic experience.

Some of the unique symbols in the game include the scared woman, rocket man, and bag of diamonds, gold bars and a villain hat. The game has a wild that is depicted by a symbol with a bright yellow color which can be used by players to enhance the wins as it can be used to make a winning combination by acting as a substitute for the other regular symbols in the game.