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New Mobile Casino Phone Billing Service

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There are plenty of options that will become available to you in regards to making a deposit into a mobile casino site. However, one new way which you may be blissfully unaware of is going to see you being able to make small valued deposits directly into such a casino account but having those deposits charged to your next phone bill!

In fact there are quite a number of companies who offer such a service, and as such it will depend at which mobile casino site you choose to play at as to which one you will be able to make use of. In this guide we shall be taking a look at the benefits of making a deposit using your mobile phone bill as the way of paying for your next real money mobile casino game playing session.

Major Benefits of Using Mobile Phone Billing

If you are interested in being able to make deposit into your mobile casino account which is going to enable you to have those deposits seamlessly added onto your next mobile phone bill, then please read on as below we will let you know what the benefits of doing so are.

Whilst this may not be a banking option that will suit everyone, we have found it to be a very convenient way to make small nominal valued deposits when you do not have any other way available to fund your casino accounts.

Deposits Instantly Credited – The first thing that will interest you about using a mobile phone billing option when logged into any mobile casino site is that those deposits you choose to make using this option are always going to be added to your account instantly and with no delays. Just select the option from the casinos banking interface, choose and amount you wish to deposit and those funds are then added to your casino account straight away.

Claim Casino Bonuses – Do not think that by making a deposit into your mobile casino account by using a mobile billing service that you are going to be missing out on any of the huge number of different casino bonuses that are offered to you by various different casino sites.

You are still going to be able to claim both new player deposit match type bonuses and reload bonuses when you choose to use this banking option, and all of your real money gaming action when playing any of the mobile casino games on offer will still seeing you being awarded with comp and loyalty points too.

All Air Time Networks – One other aspect to making deposits and having them charged to your mobile phone bill is that all of the major air time providers are going to allow you to do so.

Even if you have a prepaid mobile phone bill then as long as you have enough credit on your phone to cover the amount you wish to deposit into your mobile casino account then by using this service those deposits will instantly be deducted from your phone credit and added to your mobile casino account balance.

Huge Selection of Games – If you are wondering you what type of casino games you are going to be able to access and play at a mobile casino site if you have never played at one before, you really are going to be very impressed by just how many different games can be played via a mobile device.

You will find slot games, card and table games even video poker games and casino games on which progressive jackpots can be awarded to you.

Fast Paying Mobile Casinos

One of the benefits that you will be seeking from any mobile casino site, if you do decide to play at mobile casinos that allow phone bill deposits, is to be guaranteed of having your winnings paid out to you quickly.

Keep in mind that you are not going to be able to have your winnings sent back to you and credited back to your mobile phone bill, and as such you will need to have another method available for when you do have a winning session and choose to make a withdrawal of your winnings!

One way that you will be able to do that is by opening up a web or e-wallet type account such as the one offered by Skrill. By opening up an account with them then all of your mobile casino winnings can be paid directly to your Skrill web wallet account and they will also send you a debit card linked up to your Skill account to allow you to access your funds at any time with that card.