Growth of Denim in Fashion Industry Beyond Jeans

Denim are immensely used these days by designers to fashion out so many different types of jeans and skirts that people are unlikely to remember them in any other forms. In reality, denim has become more of a jeans fabric which can be molded to various designs. The early denims were worn by coal miners due to the rigid durability of the fabric and easy to maintain. Denim has grown beyond the standard blue and faded white options to now be an integral part of distinct designer wear creations. It is increasingly becoming a fashion garment for children, men and women across varied age groups. Recently fashion shows are held only for showcasing denim creations in which designers presents tuxedo and resort dresses made of the material.

Evolution of denim in global markets

Though the earliest memories of denim are related to men and women in leather jackets and ankle length leather boots on motorcycles, denim has now morphed into casual wear like jeans, jackets, skirts, shorts etc. Haute couture designers are now applying their craftsmanship skills to fashion out attractive garments of denim for the fashion conscious. While youngsters in the west are trying out denim garments like tunic dresses, miniskirts, jumpers and striped denims with metallic sheen, their counterparts in the East are wearing denim tights and shorts bleached white or of varied colors. Among teenagers in Europe, twisted seams are the in-thing when combined with clichéd ankles or shiny finish.

New trends of denim – Manufacturers have now designed white denim which is able to repel regular stain causing materials as it is treated with a special technology during the manufacturing process. This material is also more versatile and recently, a Canadian firm has created jeans, jackets and also a snowboarding suit with this material which is fabulously stretchable. The snowboarding denim suit is also water resistant and fur lined to make it more comfortable for the wearer. To meet the needs of the people who like wearing denim in cold weather a top denim brand has developed a denim fabric which has a fleece like feeling and keeps the body warm while being malleable and flexible like conventional denim.

The market for denim in some parts of the world has dulled and in 2010 the growth rate was only 2.6 percent. Though there was a growing demand for “jeggings” which is a combination of leggings and jeans the classic denim with five pockets continues to be a classic. The top brands in this market continue to be Levis, Wrangler and Lee, though smaller brands are trying to create a niche for themselves by creating khakis and trousers from the fabric.

To maintain these innovations and excitement around denim, an international show on this fabric called Denim by Première is held every year in Paris where every creator of denim clothes make their appearance to show off their collections. Some recent denim creations at this show have been denim “Spa Collection” wherein the fabrics contain skin friendly materials like aloe vera and olive oil which help maintain dry skin.