What is the Best Gaming Platform to Play Slots On?

botemaniaYou will be able to play no download instant play slot games online and those types of games will launch and load into any web browser. We have found that people who have access to several computers at home may choose to use that type of gaming platform as they can then play their favourite games instantly on any computer with a web browser attached to it!

However, if you have the time available, which will not usually take that long, to download a casinos complete gaming platform and software onto your computer you will then tend to find many more casino slot games are on offer to you via those downloadable gaming platforms.  Games like Tiki Island slot are available on platforms like these.

Also a downloadable gaming platform will often offer you many more configurable options in regards to setting the slot games in a way you like to play them

There is of course one more way that you can play slot games and that is on your mobile phone or cell phone, however the only set back if you can call it a setback of choose to use a slot or casino app downloaded onto your phone is that there is usually only a small selection of slot games available to play.

Do not forget that you can not only play slot games on your computer or laptop but you can now download a casino app and play a huge number of different slot games on your mobile device either completely free or charge or for real money.

However, be aware that you are probably going to be much better off playing on a mobile gaming platform or app as have been designed by one of the more well-known and well established online gaming platform suppliers as you will know their games are always fair and completely random games at all times!

If you want to play slot game online but via an instant play gaming platform then one of the most entertaining slot is the Double Bubble slot, and you will find lots of different gaming sites have that colourful and great playing slot game on offer.

When you play it you will have the chance of winning a huge amount of cash not only on the base game, or via the base game bonus feature, but also via a special onus game which is triggered when you spin in enough of the bonus symbols!

One final thing to note if you do decide to get stuck into playing slot games on the instant play gaming platforms offered by all bingo sites using the Gamesys bingo platform is that you can also play their range of slot and other bingo and casino games on a mobile device.

You will find many of those sites offer a fully downloadable app on which you can then access and type of game you want to play, and just in case you are wondering bonuses and player comps are given away to mobile players too!

Best Tips for Playing Slot Games Online

Captain-Cooks-CasinoMany players will prefer to leave it up to Lady Luck in regards to which slot they start to play when logged into any online casino site or any online bingo site that offers a selection of slot games, and being as every single slot is random that is often the best way to think!

However, we do know that there are many slot systems some players will put into place when playing real money slots online, and one of those slot playing strategies is the ten spin system.

The way in which that system works is by players playing just ten base game spins of a slot then judging by the way the slot played during those ten spins as to whether they should forget about playing any more spins and find another slot to play or stick to playing that slot and hope a good payout is just around the corner.  See Zuma Slot and you will know what we mean.

The way in which this system works is that during the ten base game spins players evaluate if they have had a large number of winning spins spinning in or lots of scatter symbols, and if so they will then continue to play that slot hoping bigger payouts are about to be awarded to them!

Never play a progressive slot game that has only recently paid out it jackpot, for by playing that slot game whilst technically you will have the same chance of winning a jackpot as the previous winner did that is never usually the case in live play!

You are going to be better off playing slots on which the progressive jackpots are way higher in value that they have ever been for those jackpots are naturally overdue and you will win more money from them if you do strike it lucky and win one of those well overdue slot game progressive jackpots!

As soon as you master the art of playing video slot games online you will soon discover an art for picking out the slots which are most likely to give you the very best winning opportunities, and one slot which will possibly entertain you the most is the Double Bubble slot.

By you activating all of its optional pay lines you will have the best chance of triggering its bonus games whilst also having the best chance to get an additional base game pay line becoming activated which has a multiplier worth up to x22, on which all payouts on that line are boosted by!

Some of the best ways that you can get lots of additional playing value when you are playing real money slot games online is to look for gaming sites that offer generous slot comps and high valued slot game bonuses too.

It is often online casinos that players will tend to think offer the best bonuses, however if you choose to play at online bingo sites that use the Gamesys bingo platform you will find those sites have some much more generous bonuses and comps to give away to their real money online slot players!

Inevitable Tips to a Great Lifestyle

The most important prerequisite for having a good lifestyle is maintaining the right balance of a good diet and some good exercise regime. A healthy diet comprises a wide range of nutritious and healthy foods for adequate intake of all nutrients that include minerals and vitamins. Foods should include lean meats, fruits, vegetables and fish in good quantity. It can also contain limited portions of breads and pastas. A healthy diet can lead you to maintain a healthy body weight thereby mitigating the risk of a plethora of diet linked chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and some other lifestyle ailments.

A healthy diet should ideally contain a whole variety of foods that are nutritious. Talking about cereals, they constitute the bulk of the diet in most cases as they are considered to be filling and wholesome. Since they have good fiber content also, they aid digestion. However, it is highly recommended to refrain from refined forms of cereals and stick to wholegrains. Leguminous foods such as lentils, chickpeas and red kidney beans must be consumed in a good measured amount as they serve as good sources of proteins. Proteins, as we know are important for building up the muscle. Keep away from refined sugar and use salt in very small quantities. Avoid keeping table salt and use rock salt if possible. If you have a sweet tooth, have sweet stuff in moderation.

In fact, it is better to consume everything that you like in small quantities without overdoing anything. Take milk and other dairy products also; just ensure that it is skimmed or low fat.

Last but not the last, it is also important to consume good quantities of water, if possible at least eight glasses of water per day. Water detoxifies the body very well.

Striking the right balance between food intake and exercise is essential. This would enable you to maintain healthy body weight and muscle strength. Our lifestyle today is such that we spend most part of the day in our offices sitting in our chairs staring at computer screens. There is hardly any physical movement. This sedentary lifestyle is responsible for a large number of lifestyle diseases that are affecting even the younger lot. Obesity, hypertension, joint pains, neck pains, problems in spinal cord are few of such ailments that we all are at the risk of. Instead of sitting glued to or seats continuously for long hours, it would be nice to take short breaks every half an hour or one hour. Take a break and just walk around your space, drink water, go to the pantry to refill your bottle. This will keep you active. Just a word of caution, avoid tea or coffee containing sugar during these breaks.

A minimum of half an hour of moderate intensity exercise or physical activity like walking or yoga is highly recommended. Have an early dinner at night and make sure it is light. Take a walk after your dinner so that the digestion process starts actively.

Always bear in mind that your body is a temple and it needs to me maintained very well so that the God residing inside remains happy and content.

Keep fat to a minimum.