Review: CTL Educational Chromebook NL-6

With the advent of technology into the classroom, there has been an explosion of a variety of educational tools, applications and devices. Chromebooks have made their way into school backpacks and classrooms aiding the interactive learning process of school children. Google Chrome offers management tools which loop in the Chromebooks for cost effective handling of data management and multiple operations. As these are cloud based, the users’ Google account is synced in enabling a single device connection to multiple Chromebooks in the classroom.

Off late CTL has entered the education circuits with its CTL Educational Chromebook-NL6 which is not as pricey as its predecessors but equipped with sturdy and user-friendly features akin to its predecessors. In fact, some textbooks are known to be more expensive than the interactive Chromebook-NL6.

Child Friendly Sturdy Design

Keeping the end-users in mind, the Chromebook-NL6 is designed to bear the brunt of school life and the associated rough and tumble. Made of hard plastic, the body of the laptop has been specially manufactured to endure handling by school kids. Given the vulnerability of ports and hinges, these have been specially designed to withstand rough use. A rubberized wrapping around the frame and chassis allows the Chromebook-NL6 protection against raps and falls.

Let’s not forget the all important water-resistant keyboard to take care of those unavoidable spills. Besides the matte finish, the keys on the board are designed to resist peel-off and wear and tear issues of the lettering. The size of the keyboard is ideally suited for navigation with small hands. The multi-touch trackpad under the spacebar enables gesture controls of Chrome OS. On the top edge of the keyboard are function keys that are Chrome specific. The Caps Lock key has been replaced by a ‘Search’ key.

To enable easy mobility, the CTL Chromebook NL-6 has a light body weight of about 3.04 pounds with a handle built into the sleek body. The perfect dimension (0.88×11.08×8.4 inches) makes it a snug fit within any regular backpack. The one feature worth adding in this Chromebook is a rotating touch screen.

Other Features

The screen size is 11.6 inches with a resolution of 1366×768. The brightness of the screen is moderate. Viewing the screen at angles causes distortion in color and brightness. So it is best watched facing head on. The added anti-glare feature makes it useable outdoors. A feature unique in the Chromebook category is the rotatable 1 megapixel webcam atop the screen – picture quality is average though. The additional kit with the NL-6 is the magnifying microscope that can be attached to the webcam.

CTL Educational Chromebook NL-6 comes with a 4 GB RAM, an Intel Celeron N2930 processor and a 2.16 GHz quad-core Central Processing Unit. Its energy efficiency is due to the Intel Bay Trail-M platform. This allows for a battery life that is longer. The lack of one particular feature worth mentioning here is the fan – this is because of lower cooling requirements. The NL-6 has two USB ports – USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Plus an SD card slot, full HDMI-out port and 16 GB flash storage onboard. It is enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity.

With the given features, functionalities and affordability, the CTL Educational Chromebook NL-6 is a great buy for your school going children.

The Revolution of Social Media in Modern Lives

The very common term ‘social media’ means a form of communication that involves people in sharing of information, ideas and other interactions via a common medium, mostly through the internet. In the recent days, social media has grown extensively and rapidly as a faster and thrilling form of communication among the people. Some of the popular and trending social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, orkut, MySpace, Youtube etc.

Some of the early social media websites were MySpace and Orkut. Myspace was a free video streaming website where in a user could log in to the website by registering in to it and could watch his/her favorite TV shows, movies, animated series etc. and also share them with the friends. The web site also provided an option to comment on the videos that the user viewed. These comments were public to every member of the website and they also could reply to those comments, thus acting as an interacting medium.

Orkut was another leading social networking site which was launched in the year 2000. It was very popular among the youth across the globe as a fun interacting site. It was a web site that allowed the users to create their accounts and login using their credentials. A user on Orkut could make friends with users across the globe. The user could upload pictures and videos and share all of these with their friends. Orkut was recently terminated by Google which owned it from the past 5 years.

The real boom to Social media came with the advent of ‘’. This website is almost based on the lines of Orkut with the addition of few more innovative and exciting features. Facebook was developed by Mark Zuckerberg and few of his college mates as a hobby project in MIT, USA. But when it was launched for the public, Facebook was received with a great positive response and it went on to become the leading social site of all time leaving behind all of its competitors and older websites.

Facebook also provided options to register as new users, create profiles, add friends, and upload pictures, audio and video files just like its rivals. But in addition to that, they introduced some more options like pages where in a user could create a page of his choice like for example suppose you are an owner of a recently setup restaurant and you want to publicize it, then you can create a page for your restaurant and promote it on the website. This page of yours will be notified to all your friends and relatives and also to the people who are following you on facebook. In this way you can promote your stuff and spread awareness on it to the entire world with just a few clicks.

Facebook is so widespread now that it has almost become the source for day to day news. There is an option called “news feed” on this social site that allows you to view what your friends are updating, and what is going on in the world currently. You can also subscribe to a lot of pages and groups that are actively engaged in spreading information about a particular trendy topic that could help you more info on the niche, be it a movie, your favorite celebrity or even any business.


Quick Tips for Easy and Hassle Free Flying Experience

Most of us who travel frequently are fully aware of the travel woes associated with flying. There is so much of rush on airports, so much of rush for booking flight tickets that sometimes it becomes daunting to plan for a trip thinking about the rush. Not many of us are able to plan out travels too much in advance. And consequently we end up in trouble while making bookings and finding the right seats. If however, you have made last minute bookings, try to travel light and make a web check in as soon as possible.

An even better solution would be to select your seat the moment you book your flight ticket. In most airlines, it is mostly possible to choose your seats online itself well within 90 days of the flight departure. However, check out the policy of the airline you are flying with to confirm the same duration so that you end up selecting your seats comfortably. But remember you also have one more shot to snag a favorable seat when you check in online for your flight. Remember the 24 hour rule. Checking in through the internet a minimum 24 hours prior to boarding will mostly make sure that you get the prime selection of seats. However, you must also bear in mind that most airlines today also charge extra for pre booking of seats of your choice.

Quite a few airlines also have this concept of open seating which essentially means that would be no pre assigned seats for flyers. Seat selection follows the principle of first come first serve basis. This is where early check in helps. Flyers board the flight in large groups and the group that does the first boarding gets to choose its preferred seats.

Another compelling reason to make an early check in is that airlines almost always, habitually oversell their flights. So the passengers who are most likely to be involuntarily thrown out from an already full flight are the ones who normally check in last. The concept of last in first out is followed in such cases.

If you are willing to shell out a few extra bucks for some comfort, there is nothing like it. A lot of airlines today charge for seats located on the exit row. The fees might range anywhere from $5 to $75. This fee depends on the distance traveled as well as the airline.

A lot of airlines today are tinkering with some special seats located at the frontal part of the plane. The reason is that such seats offer about four to six inches of extra legroom. If you are willing to redeem your loyalty points or pay a premium, then you would be glad to know that most flights provide extra legroom economy seating with perks like early boarding, free drinks and so on. Some airlines offer a Premier Access program at certain airports that also include access to security lines, priority check-in lines and boarding passes.

So it would be wise to make an early check in wherever possible as it will save you hassle and money. This would make your travel enjoyable.