Inevitable Tips to a Great Lifestyle

The most important prerequisite for having a good lifestyle is maintaining the right balance of a good diet and some good exercise regime. A healthy diet comprises a wide range of nutritious and healthy foods for adequate intake of all nutrients that include minerals and vitamins. Foods should include lean meats, fruits, vegetables and fish in good quantity. It can also contain limited portions of breads and pastas. A healthy diet can lead you to maintain a healthy body weight thereby mitigating the risk of a plethora of diet linked chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and some other lifestyle ailments.

A healthy diet should ideally contain a whole variety of foods that are nutritious. Talking about cereals, they constitute the bulk of the diet in most cases as they are considered to be filling and wholesome. Since they have good fiber content also, they aid digestion. However, it is highly recommended to refrain from refined forms of cereals and stick to wholegrains. Leguminous foods such as lentils, chickpeas and red kidney beans must be consumed in a good measured amount as they serve as good sources of proteins. Proteins, as we know are important for building up the muscle. Keep away from refined sugar and use salt in very small quantities. Avoid keeping table salt and use rock salt if possible. If you have a sweet tooth, have sweet stuff in moderation.

In fact, it is better to consume everything that you like in small quantities without overdoing anything. Take milk and other dairy products also; just ensure that it is skimmed or low fat.

Last but not the last, it is also important to consume good quantities of water, if possible at least eight glasses of water per day. Water detoxifies the body very well.

Striking the right balance between food intake and exercise is essential. This would enable you to maintain healthy body weight and muscle strength. Our lifestyle today is such that we spend most part of the day in our offices sitting in our chairs staring at computer screens. There is hardly any physical movement. This sedentary lifestyle is responsible for a large number of lifestyle diseases that are affecting even the younger lot. Obesity, hypertension, joint pains, neck pains, problems in spinal cord are few of such ailments that we all are at the risk of. Instead of sitting glued to or seats continuously for long hours, it would be nice to take short breaks every half an hour or one hour. Take a break and just walk around your space, drink water, go to the pantry to refill your bottle. This will keep you active. Just a word of caution, avoid tea or coffee containing sugar during these breaks.

A minimum of half an hour of moderate intensity exercise or physical activity like walking or yoga is highly recommended. Have an early dinner at night and make sure it is light. Take a walk after your dinner so that the digestion process starts actively.

Always bear in mind that your body is a temple and it needs to me maintained very well so that the God residing inside remains happy and content.

Keep fat to a minimum.

The Best Lawn Mower Games for Kids

Lawn Mower games are one of the several online games that are all the rage these days. The lawn mower game comes with several distinct variations and delivers a truly unmatched experience compared to the other games of its kind. In this game, an old man needs your help to complete the mowing of his lawn. The game is started with one click of the mouse and has to be clicked on to keep the mower moving in order to cut the grasses. The game is about cutting the grass fast enough. The player has to cut out ninety percent of the grass before the time is up. The player moves to the next level if the grass has been mowed within the given time –period. The creator of this game came up with this innovative idea whilst he was on the tedious job of cutting grass with the lawn mower. The color of the mower can be changed from the options menu and is one of the simple diversions in this game. It is a fascinating game which can be enjoyed by kids, teens and adults alike. In Scooby doo version of this game, the pattern of the patch of grass that needs to be mowed changes and the player needs to be alert. They need to select the pattern that needs to be mowed correctly and once the pattern matching is done precisely, the game is over.

Lawn Mower games for kids have some difficulty added to it. It tests the balancing skills in a player. The player has to reach the finish line with the lawn mower within a particular period of time. The speed and the balance have to be maintained simultaneously. This game has different levels of complexity. The first level expects the player to reach the finish line within a minute and the successful player goes to the next level. The speed of the lawn mower must be maintained steadily and if obstacles are hit the speed would reduce leading to the waste of time. The vehicles must not be slowed down at the top of the hills. The player has to collect coins on the way to get extra points. This helps to upgrade to the next level. The arrow keys on the computer keyboard are the controls for the vehicle.

The Sunday lawn mower game is about helping Charlie to mow the lawn as well as if possible avoiding hedgehogs, dogs etc. There are eight gardens to mow and movements of Charlie can be controlled using the control keys.

The virtual lawn mower is a lawn mower racing game and is planned to be fun filled. It gives player with the options to choose between different lawn mowers and each of these has specific strength and weaknesses. The chain at the back of the mower increases by six links for every level cleared by the player. Each layer of 30 “wurmz” has to be eliminated in the allotted time without destroying the mower. The lawn mower is spoilt if it is steered into walls, fences or run over rocks or even over the chain links, and therefore all obstacles need to be avoided carefully. The damaged mower will get better by mowing the grass. These games are pretty fun-filled and exciting with no such graphical violence as seen in the action games, and so can be recommended to kids.

Review: CTL Educational Chromebook NL-6

With the advent of technology into the classroom, there has been an explosion of a variety of educational tools, applications and devices. Chromebooks have made their way into school backpacks and classrooms aiding the interactive learning process of school children. Google Chrome offers management tools which loop in the Chromebooks for cost effective handling of data management and multiple operations. As these are cloud based, the users’ Google account is synced in enabling a single device connection to multiple Chromebooks in the classroom.

Off late CTL has entered the education circuits with its CTL Educational Chromebook-NL6 which is not as pricey as its predecessors but equipped with sturdy and user-friendly features akin to its predecessors. In fact, some textbooks are known to be more expensive than the interactive Chromebook-NL6.

Child Friendly Sturdy Design

Keeping the end-users in mind, the Chromebook-NL6 is designed to bear the brunt of school life and the associated rough and tumble. Made of hard plastic, the body of the laptop has been specially manufactured to endure handling by school kids. Given the vulnerability of ports and hinges, these have been specially designed to withstand rough use. A rubberized wrapping around the frame and chassis allows the Chromebook-NL6 protection against raps and falls.

Let’s not forget the all important water-resistant keyboard to take care of those unavoidable spills. Besides the matte finish, the keys on the board are designed to resist peel-off and wear and tear issues of the lettering. The size of the keyboard is ideally suited for navigation with small hands. The multi-touch trackpad under the spacebar enables gesture controls of Chrome OS. On the top edge of the keyboard are function keys that are Chrome specific. The Caps Lock key has been replaced by a ‘Search’ key.

To enable easy mobility, the CTL Chromebook NL-6 has a light body weight of about 3.04 pounds with a handle built into the sleek body. The perfect dimension (0.88×11.08×8.4 inches) makes it a snug fit within any regular backpack. The one feature worth adding in this Chromebook is a rotating touch screen.

Other Features

The screen size is 11.6 inches with a resolution of 1366×768. The brightness of the screen is moderate. Viewing the screen at angles causes distortion in color and brightness. So it is best watched facing head on. The added anti-glare feature makes it useable outdoors. A feature unique in the Chromebook category is the rotatable 1 megapixel webcam atop the screen – picture quality is average though. The additional kit with the NL-6 is the magnifying microscope that can be attached to the webcam.

CTL Educational Chromebook NL-6 comes with a 4 GB RAM, an Intel Celeron N2930 processor and a 2.16 GHz quad-core Central Processing Unit. Its energy efficiency is due to the Intel Bay Trail-M platform. This allows for a battery life that is longer. The lack of one particular feature worth mentioning here is the fan – this is because of lower cooling requirements. The NL-6 has two USB ports – USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Plus an SD card slot, full HDMI-out port and 16 GB flash storage onboard. It is enabled with Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity.

With the given features, functionalities and affordability, the CTL Educational Chromebook NL-6 is a great buy for your school going children.