Tech – Micromax Canvas Doodle 3

Micromax has come up a long way in the ever changing mobile manufacturing business since it started four years ago. A pioneer in pocket-friendly phones, Micromax has become the 10th largest among the leading smartphone makers of the world. With its introduction of dual SIM standby devices, 30 day battery life and low cost quad-core smartphones, Micromax has made a niche for itself among the consumerist masses.

Canvas Doodle 3 is the latest dual-Sim smartphone that has come out of the Micromax stable. Reasonably priced at $144-$150, the handset comes with a range of popular features. With a 1.3 GHz dual core processor and 512 MP RAM you don’t have to worry about the application speeds or the number of stored applications – besides you can doodle without limits. Topped with a glass front and the rear made with plastic, the Canvas Doodle 3 is available in white and blue colors. The magnetic flip cover and see through window for date and time are practically appraising and handy external features of the smartphone. The selfie camera is of 0.3 MP and the more powerful 5 MP camera at the rear with LED flash is perfect for clicking some great selfie and pictures.

Display – The 6 inch display screen is perfect for playing games and watching videos or movies. For sharp pictures and depth of color, the handset has a 480*854 pixels screen resolution coupled with the FWGA feature. A unique feature that is yet to be seen in the smartphones market is the option to display or hide applications and uninstall preinstalled applications right from the home screen. This option is viewable on the top right corner of the screen. Another irresistible feature is the ability to send messages with animated self designed doodles using the MDoodle application. The versatility of the feature allows users of all phone types to receive and view the animated doodle messages.

Power and Storage – Apart from the sufficiently sized RAM, the Canvas Doodle 3 is equipped with an internal storage of 4 GB. Additional memory can be appended with a 32 GB micro SD memory card. The dual core processor of 1.3 GHz is perfectly suited for multitasking which should surely sound good to the professionals. You can message, talk and switch between apps all at the same time. Besides, powered by the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 the phone allows for seamless net surfing and downloading of apps through 3G. Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor and Gravity Sensor are some of the other features in the Canvas Doodle 3.

Other Features – The Canvas Doodle 3 is highly versatile, capable of supporting audio formats like AAC, AMR, OGG, WMA, WAV, M4A, and MP3 along with MID video formats of 3GPP, 3GPP2, MP4 and WMV. You can shoot videos at short distances without compromising the quality. The connectivity features allow the users to sync in with the regular devices like Bluetooth and wi-fi enabled phones, USB, etc.

The Micromax Canvas Doodle 3 is popularly known as the ‘Phablet’ due to its large size and combined capabilities of a phone and a tablet. With its extensive battery life and android based power, this smartphone comes with free subscription of 6 months allowing users to watch Bigflix movies. As far as features packed smartphones are concerned, Canvas Doodle 3 is a great value for money for the not so ‘brand-conscious’ but ‘price-conscious’ and practical consumers.

Getting Your Child Started With Chess

Chess is a game of all seasons and ages, wherein players pit their mental faculties and emotional maturity against each other. This is not just a globally popular game but also fun to play as a form of recreation. This is one game which makes a substantial impact on a child’s critical thinking and planning abilities. Emotional maturity can be developed very early in life if a child’s energies are channelled to this game. Studies have shown that skills learnt while playing chess are normally applied by children in their classrooms and daily life as well.

The right age to introduce children to chess – If you are planning to introduce your child to this game, here are a few pointers. There is no particular age at which chess could be taught. Some kids take to it like fish to water and others need a gentle initiation, though a good age to start is between four and five. This is the period when children take an avid interest to learn and explore new things. The goal should be to make it fun and easy to grasp and children used to playing slightly complicated board games will find it a little easier to pick up chess.

It is important to watch your child’s interest level in the game. If the child is just fiddling around with the pieces on the chess board, know that he/she is not yet ready to sit down and focus. Stop before you become too pushy or your child may stay away from the game forever. If your child has learnt the basic rules of the game, you can take the learning to the next level. Get a workbook for beginners and by the time the workbook is completed, your child will have the ability to identify a checkmate. This can be achieved with regular practice and will require your nurturing support constantly.

Providing Chess Training to Children – If you have an older child, training the younger one becomes easy as kids tend to follow and imitate their siblings. Online practice is another option that you could make use of. As your child’s interest and expertise grows in the game, it would be a good idea to get him/her associated with the local chess club. Interacting with kids in a formal set up will teach your child not just to improve their moves but also develop the social etiquettes of the game. As your child develops his/her skills of the game, it will allow you ample opportunity to guide them about the importance of honing intellectual abilities as opposed to the trending fads about physical appearances.

The next step is to check if your child is ready for tournaments. Keep in mind that formal tournaments take up a minimum of 8-9 hours. If your child is too young, say a 5 or 6 year old, be careful about their ability to sit through a regular 5 round game. Some kids tend to wither under the stress – so be prepared for temper tantrums. It is alright if your child is not ready for competitive tournaments.  As a parent you will know when your little one is mentally and emotionally prepared to tough it out in the competitive world of chess.



Games are no more played just for fun and excitement. According to the recent researches, games are helpful to enhance your creativity and decision making abilities. For instance, it has been noticed that the players of action based video games make up their decision 25% faster than the others. So now in order to upgrade and polish your skills you don’t need to visit soft skill classes, rather you need to play thrilling actions games like Battlefield.

Now the question arises what is Battlefield? Battlefield is a series of online combat video game which was released almost a decade back. The online war game has managed to become one of the favorite games over the internet and has the potential to drive you crazy, irrespective of the age. Its huge focus on large maps, strong teamwork and diverse vehicle warfare makes it exceptionally unique and advanced than most of the other combat video games.

Playing battlefield gives you a realistic feel of standing in the middle of a brutal war and creates a thrilling and tough situation for you to deal with. Battlefield is not just about playing a video game, but the thrill it provides takes you to a whole new level of video gaming. You could also play this game in multiplayer mode, which adds some more fun to the game. Playing this game will not just bring you amusement, but will also help in developing a strong teamwork efficacy within you. There are multiple aspects and strategies to handle and take care of in order to win the game, and hence it works a lot in improving your concentration and decision making abilities.

Outstanding features make this game all the way more fascinating to the players. The first attraction is of course its virtual nature, followed by the awesome graphics, the beautiful locations, the real kind of weapons, the outfits of soldiers, and other environmental elements like tunnels, roads, hills, grass and buildings make the game awesome to the players. On top of all the exciting features, the charm of the battlefield lies in the frequent updating of the series. The moment you end up with one series, you will be offered another series with more advanced technology and adventure. The first game battlefield 1942 was released in 2002 and since then 20 series have been brought to keep the admirers of battlefield entertained and hooked up for relentless hours. The latest one is the “Battlefield 3: Close Quarters” which was released in the year 2012 and is loaded with completely new adventure and advanced thrills.

Battlefield also gives the freedom of choosing your own soldier, his looks, his accessories, weapon and style. The game gives you the feel of being an action hero and let your fantasies become real without putting much effort. It would be absolutely right in saying that no other computer game can match the excitement of actual war that battlefield delivers. So friends get ready with your weapons and team members to combat whenever and wherever you want, doesn’t matter you want to be on land, water or on air. So, what are you waiting for, it is time to enter the Battlefield!