Origin and Growth of Tennis as a Popular Sport

There is still a strong debate on the origin of tennis among Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, but historians’ state that the game first began only in the late 11th century.  The earliest records about this game state that French monks used to pass their free time playing a crude handball game over a rope strung across an open courtyard. This was later picked up by locals who kept the game limited to open courtyards and balls were struck against the wall using hands. With time people modified the game and started wearing gloves with webbing to hit the ball. Further innovation led to nets tied on pieces of wood like a modern racquet but the ball was strangely made of wool or cork tied with string and cloth.

Once the nobility learnt the game from the monks and locals, the game attained further popularity and by the 13th century, there were nearly 1800 courts in France. Once English kings Henry VII and later Henry VIII developed a fascination for tennis, which spread to England and several more tennis courts were built. Around 1500, the net and handle morphed into a wooden racquet with net made of sheep gut while a cork ball weighing three ounces was made the official ball for this game. Early courts of tennis were generally indoors and the present format of lawn tennis developed only in the 1600’s.

Over the next few years people lost interest in the game due to the turbulent political and economic conditions until Charles Goodyear developed the rubber ball and players developed a likeness for this bouncy object. This rubber ball made the outdoor game more interesting and a new set of rules were made to accommodate the change in equipment. In 1874 the game underwent further changes when Major Walter C Wingfield patented both rules and equipment for playing tennis. By now the game gained popularity in United States and soon the game traveled to Canada, Russia and to Far East locations like India and China. Since tennis could be played in croquet courts it was readily adopted around the world.

Wingfield’s original tennis court design came under criticism for its hourglass design, so he left it to others to make the changes. The first Wimbledon tournament which was held in 1877 by All England Club had a rectangular court and almost the same set of regulations that are followed today. The French Open tennis championship that we know today was developed as a tournament for French nationals only in 1891 and was held by members of French Tennis clubs. Women joined tennis during 1897 when the first women’s singles tournament was held. In 1925 the organizers of French Championship opened the tournament to international amateurs and it was declared as the second grand slam title after Wimbledon. The first tennis tournaments in United States were held in 1881 and only certain local club members were allowed to play. Different tournaments were later held as men’s singles, men’s doubles and women’s singles and doubles followed by men and women mixed doubles. All five events were combined together as US open in 1970 which opened to the professionals from all around the world.

A Simple Guide to Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

Are you healthy? If yes, how healthy are you? Do you get adequate sleep daily? Do you consume a healthy diet? Do you exercise on a regular basis? Do you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water in a day?

We need to take care of our body in order to have a healthy life. Are you aware that an alarming population of America is either overweight or obese? That is absurd, isn’t it? If you repeatedly neglect your diet and stuff your belly with unhealthy food, you will start showing signs of weariness sooner than you would have imagined. While you still may appear okay on the outside, the situation is really horrible on the inside. Your arteries are getting choked up with cholesterol. Your vital organs like heart, kidney, gall bladder, lungs, intestines, liver and stomach might appear to be working well today, but not tomorrow. Do not take your sound health today for a ride. Take good care of your body so that you are better equipped for tomorrow.

Good health is not only about doing exercise daily and eating healthy. It also means that you have a healthy lifestyle, healthy self-image and a positive mental health. In this article, we will talk about water consumption. The first key to have a healthy lifestyle is to have loads of water. Water has proven anti ageing qualities also. And it is a much known fact that it detoxifies your body and cleanses it.

Increase your daily intake your water. That is the ground rule. Most of us do not drink adequate water every day. Water is very essential for our body to function well. More than 60% of our body is constituted by water. Water is required to carry out several body functions like removal of waste, transport of nutrients and oxygen throughout our body. We lose a good amount of water every day by way of urine, perspiration, bowel movements and breathing. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to replenish the water intake.

Additionally, drinking more water actually helps you in losing weight. People who drink more water lose nearly 4.5 more pounds more than a control group. This is because drinking more water fills your belly, making you less hungry and therefore less likely to eat more. By drinking water regularly, your body does not try to retain more water and therefore your weight does not increase. The amount of water you need depends on several factors like your physical activity, humidity and your body weight. However, on an average, we generally need 2.5-3.5 litres of water daily. Even the food that we eat contributes roughly a fifth of our fluid intake. So this means that we need to drink nearly 2-3 litres of water. To know how well you are hydrated, check the color of urine. It should be colorless or mildly yellow. If it has a dark yellow color, it is an indication that you are not getting sufficient water. Other signs of less hydration include dry mouth, dry lips and little and infrequent urination.