Van Helsing Slots

IGT has for the last four decades proved to be the world leading producer of online slots games. This is a company that boasts of the production of leading games such as Van Helsing Slots which have been embraced by online casino players all over the world. This is among the few slot games that have garnered acclaim for the unique and outstanding animations and gaming features. For slots players who find great fun in exploring supernatural themes in gaming, this is the game to go for as it is loaded with sheer delight. More to this, the game can be played in land-based casinos powered by IGT as well as in online casinos.

Van Helsing Slots is mainly based on the famous Abraham Van Helsing. This is a character known to hunt and kill Dracula and this is well featured in the game. The games theme and basic premises have perfectly been executed making the game achieve the thrill that will keep any player glued to their screens. Being a part of the Colossal Reels, players from every corner of the world have flocked to the slot to enjoy the game’s brilliantly fixed graphics as well as the overwhelming bonus rounds.

The game has five reels which come with vibrant symbols’ display. More to this, it has pay lines that make it possible for players playing for real money to wager their amounts. The game’s pay lines are unique as they allow the player to place their bets in different denominations and at different ranges. The slots will offer almost 100 pay lines where the players can place their wagers and win significantly huge amounts of cash. The huge number of pay lines is crucial in the game as it not only helps the players to place numerous wagers but also increases their chances of winning.

Van Helsing Slots incorporates interesting themes that captivate the players with the animations and great audios. The images and colors used in the game ensure that the player is getting a premium gaming experience. This is mainly aimed at keeping the player entertained while still ensuring that they are not distracted for the game. The concentration that is much needed in the game for the play to secure a win is thus maintained ensuring that the player manages the maximum possible wins in the game. The game also has playing instructions that come in handy for new players. These may also be essential for players who have played other games y IGT but haven’t tried this one as it has some unique features that can only be understood through the guide.

Van Helsing Slots just like othe slot games has some unique symbols which are very important in t he game. These symbols include Blond Damsel, Two Ravens, Castle, Van Helsing, Count Dracula, Red Haired Lady and Vial of Perfume. The game also includes the suite of cards which have been used as symbols which are Blue Spade, Pink Diamond, Red heart and Purple Club. When the regular reels in the game spin, te Colossal reels also spin. The Logo of Van Helsing is the special symbol in the game and it acts as the wild symbol. When a specific number of the wild symbols appear of=n the regular reels, they trigger the bonus feature in the game. Sometimes, this symbol will appear stuck in the reels.

The game offers multiple chances for the player to win huge amounts of cash in the game. The mo0st unique way of winning in the game is the bonus rounds which offer the players an opportunity to make free spins. This will be determined by the number of wild symbols the player manages to use in triggering the bonus feature.