The Top 6 Gambling Sites in the UK

Gambling and betting in the UK are a popular pastime for many. Not only does it guarantee fun and excitement, but if lady luck is on your side, then you’ll also end up making a decent sum of money. However, there are multiple gambling sites in the UK, and it becomes a bit difficult for a novice to select the site that they can wager their money with.

Here are six of the top gambling sites in the UK that you can place your bets with.


Coral has made great strides in improving the gaming experience. The website has been totally revamped and the design really catches the eye. What’s more is that, you can get to the gaming zone without much hassle unlike the other websites out there. What makes Coral stand out from the crowd is an array of betting offers and cash back programs for almost any games such as golf, football, F1, horse racing and rugby. The gamblers truly enjoy the experience and with the mobile platform in place, Coral is set to wow the gambling fraternity in the days to come.


This gaming website comes a close second. They keep on attracting new gamblers due to their huge joining bonuses and promotional offers. The offers are extravagant. Some features such as money-back guarantee, in case a football game ends in a draw are to watch out for. The company also extends a free bet to its gamblers if one wins the race at 4/1 odds. Live streaming gambling is another unique feature of this online gambling site. The minimum bet requirement is one of the lowest compared to a plethora of other online gambling websites.


This online gambling website is famous for its promotional bets. For a new gambler, the company provides £25 matched bet on the first deposit. Betfred is popular for surprise deals to its gamblers. This site also happens to be the first one to offer goals galore- a new betting concept, which is based on the premises that both sides will score. It is one of the most popular betting tools these days. Apart from the game offering, Betfred is very easy to get on with. The signing up process is extremely simple and you can get started within seconds of your first payment. What more could you ask for?

#4-Sky Bet

Sky Bet has the guts to offer gambling option without any deposit. Although it was stopped after a while, it deserves recognition. Sky Bet offers free betting in football of up to £5. It offers a similar offer for online casino as well. What’s great about this website is that it is very clean. Options are easily understood, and there is a free flowing direction in everything. Compatible with mobile and tablets, Sky Bet has also launched an iPhone app for its gamblers. This website is definitely not slowing down anytime soon.


BetVictor has been very popular in the past few years. This is primarily because of providing competitive odds. This website has consistently provided the best average odds for the past two seasons.

On signing up the website will give you a £25 free of cost matched bet. Even cash back offers are plenty in this website. This gambling site is also famous for the special treatment that it offers its active and loyal gamblers-free passes to events, special bonus and a personal manager are what the company offers to its active punters.

BetVictor is sleekly built and pretty comfortable to the eye, unlike other flash based gambling websites out there.


This is a new kid on the block and garnering a lot of interest among the gambling and betting community. This is one of the very few websites to extend loyalty program to its gamblers. The reward points are given based on withdrawals, deposits and even for logging on to the website.

This newly launched mobile website will surely attract more gamblers to this new gambling website. A newbie is eligible for a £25 worth of bonus too. The website design is pretty neat and this website is surely the underdog in this list.