What are Satellite Tournaments?

What are satellite tournaments? This is a very common question asked by people who doesn’t have any idea about satellite tournaments. Actually, satellite tournaments are minor events or tournaments in the competitive sport tour or a certain group of tournaments which have a series of forms that are typically played in other regions or countries. There are several games or sports that are in these tournaments. Satellite tournaments really get the interest of most athletes and other people who always watch sport competitions. Aside from that, these tournaments offer excitement and impressive competition that anybody will surely love.

One of the games that are usually involved in satellite tournaments is Poker. This game is a qualifying event in these tournaments. The winners in the satellite tournaments who played poker often win a buy-in fee to a prestigious and larger tournament just like in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Even though there are several land-based of satellite tournaments, most of these are made online. The land-based satellite tournaments are often used in a very high strake tournament. PokerStars is one of the websites that own lots of tiers of satellites.

In this website, the player must begin playing in one tier. One tier is not the lowest score but this is just the starting point of the game. The player must play the game continuously until he or she gets the highest tier. The entry fee in every higher tier is often having a more expensive rate as compared to the low tier. The very first tier that is offered here is the cheapest one.

Another example of the sports played in satellite tournaments is Tennis. In the professional tennis competitions, the satellite tournaments are being played within four weeks. Actually, this is being organized by the country’s national tennis association. The International Tennis Federation is the group that will manage it. In satellite tournaments, tennis is being played by players who are in the outside level of the top few hundred by the ATP or Association of Tennis Professionals. They have the openings for players who are unranked in the succeeding draw. The overall rate of money in this kind of tournament usually starts from $25,000 up to $50,000.

The tennis players who win in this game will automatically proceed to the ATP Challenger Series or to the top flight ATP tournament events. The people in who also manage satellite tournaments will also be given with a discount in 2006 season due to the circuit move in the Future Tournaments that last for one week.

With this information, you gain lots of ideas about satellite tournament. The presence of satellite tournament really makes the game interesting and the prices they give to the players can give additional opportunity in playing higher level of game. This is the main reason why most athletes are doing their best in order to get involved in these tournaments. Most winners in a certain game in satellite tournaments gain lots of awards and they also get more popular in their chosen field.


What Is Roulette?

What is Roulette? Well, this is one of the popular casino games in today’s world. This game was initially played in the county of France during the 17th century. Due to the exciting and great gaming experience it provides to players, this game has been declared as one of the most popular casino games in Monaco, Monte Carlo and Europe.

In this game, the players should choose a place or a single or range of number. Aside from that, they should also choose in two color options which are black and red. When it comes to the number, they will just choose between even or odd numbers. In order for you to analyze the winning color and number, the croupier will spin the wheel in a certain direction. After that, they will spin the ball which is opposed to the direction of the croupier. This only means that the ball will roll around the wheel. The ball will only lose its energy when it falls into the wheel and not in the American roulette (38) or European/French roulette (37) and in other pockets of the wheel.

The pockets in roulette are being numbered from 1-36. The number series 1 to 10 and 19 to 28 are odd numbers. These are usually placed in the red pocket but in some wheels these numbers are placed in the black pocket. The numbers 11 to 18 and 29 to 30 are typically placed in the black pocket. The color green pocket means zero. In the America roulette, the second green pocket has a marker of “00”. The pocket number in the wheels of roulette holds fast in a clockwise sequence to most casinos.

The roulette table layout is usually covered with a cloth. This cloth around the betting area is the layout. This layout can be zero, double zero or single. In the European style layout, it comes in single zero while in the American style is often displayed as a double zero. The style of the table in the American roulette comes with a wheel in one end and it is being used on popular casinos in different countries. In French roulette, the table used here has a wheel in the center part of it. The layout that it has can be in the sides. This type of table is usually seen in Monte Carlo.

In the house advantage in roulette, the single zero roulette table has 2.7 percent while in double, it has 5.26 percent. The house advantage can only be gained when the winner pays 1, 2 or more chips. At first, this game is difficult to understand but when you play it regularly, you will learn lots of things about it. You will learn how to play it properly and the other terms that are typically used by roulette players. So try to play this type of casino game and you will surely have a great and memorable experience especially when you win. But, ensure that you have lots of money in your pocket because most roulette players spend a big amount of money for it.

What Is Blackjack

Blackjack is usually called as “twenty-one” and it is mostly played by most people in various casinos around the world. This game concentrates in comparing the card game that is done by the dealer and player. This means that the players will compete with the dealer and not with other players. Blackjack is being played in one or more decks for 52 cards. The main objective in this type of casino game is to beat the dealer. There are many ways on how you can beat the dealer and these are:

  • Let the dealer draw some additives card until he or she gains 21 cards.
  • You must achieve 21 points in the first two cards that you have. This is the time that your move is called “Blackjack”. However, you must assure first that you dealer doesn’t have that kind of move.
  • Try having the high score compared to the score of the dealer with not more than 21 points.

The players in this game will start playing with initial two cards and this will be added together with the value of their cards. The face cards are the Jacks, Queens, and Kings that usually have 10 points. The dealer and player must count the ace that they get so that they can determine the number of points that will be added on them. The entire cards are counted based on the numeric value they have. When you receive the initial two cards, you must immediately have two options on how to get the word “hit” and not attaining additional cards.

While the first round, the dealer or player must win through gaining a score of not higher or lower than 21. Having a score that is higher to 21 is called “going bust” or “busting”. In this case, if you are a player and you gain a score higher than the dealer, the game will be immediately declared as “bust”. With this result, it automatically calls you as the winner. In addition to, if you have an ace that has a value of 11, this is called “soft”. This only means that you cannot go to bust through taking extra cards. This is the time that you are in a “hard” hand.

The dealer must take his hits until his or her cards gained 17 points or more. There are times that in some casinos, a dealer can hit a soft 17 score rate. The player can only win when he or she didn’t bust and have a high score against the dealer. When the dealer do a bust or have a lesser hand, he will immediately lose the game. Obtaining similar score is very rare in this game. However, there are times it happens for both the dealer and player. When both of them gained a similar range of score, this will called as “push” which means, both of them didn’t lose and won in the game.

If you are still curious about this game, try to watch those people who play in the television or in the casino games so that you will be able to understand the process of playing this game. Or, you can also ask some casino players who have lots of ideas in playing this game.